Ring fence

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a fence which encircles a large area, or a whole estate, within one inclosure.
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The offshore Lombard activities, barred from RBS' new ring-fenced bank, was not viable in the non-ring-fenced unit.
Barclays Bank UK PLC is Barclays' future ring-fenced bank.
HSBC has moved a step nearer to establishing its UK ring-fenced business after being granted a banking licence by the regulators, the Press Association understands.
My own local council which has a net budget of PS199million, carried forward reserves of PS60million in 2016/17 of which only PS18million was ring-fenced and could not be used to support the revenue budget.
The decision to rebrand its ring-fenced bank as HSBC UK was revealed last autumn, after the bank had considered reviving the Midland name.
On the question of money from motorists for moving traffic offences, we were told this was ring-fenced for road improvements.
The PRA revealed the costs of the structural overhaul, with the extra needed in capital reserves across the industry - an amount set to rise as ring-fenced divisions will also need to hold an additional "systemic risk" buffer.
Antonio Simoes, chief executive of HSBC Bank, said: "Creating the head office of our ring-fenced bank in Birmingham brings us closer to more of our customers and employees across the UK and supports our ambition to be the bank of choice.
CONSTRUCTION has begun on the new head office of HSBC's ring-fenced bank at 2 Arena Central - days after its new name was unveiled.
COMEDIAN Lenny Henry yesterday called for cash to be ring-fenced to support a more ethnically diverse media.
The end of ring-fenced funding for certain services was part of the deal John Swinney did with local authorities for a council tax freeze.
Total quantity or scope of tender: Subject to availability, SDS intends to contract for approximately 17,150 employability opportunities of which 2,650 are to be ring-fenced for delivery by colleges in the 2015/16 Financial year.