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The tone or audio recording that a caller hears when the telephone being called is ringing.
retour de sonnerie
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NASDAQ: RNWK) said it has introduced a new app and service for music lovers and listeners that completely reinvents the ringback tone experience for smartphone users.
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29 October 2013 a[euro]" US digital media products and services provider RealNetworks Inc (NASDAQ:RNWK) said Monday it had acquired UK-based ringback tone (RBT) specialist Muzicall for an undisclosed amount.
The contracts include new service AnswerTunes, a ringback tones service and content downloads.
The agreement brings a wide catalog of hit songs from Sony BMG artists to Verizon Wireless' mobile music offerings, and includes master ringtones and newly launched Ringback Tones - clips of real music as heard on a CD that replace the standard ring callers hear when they call the Verizon Wireless phone of a Ringback Tone subscriber.
With the ringback service, callers hear a song of the subscriber's choice when they call, not the standard ring.
In a move that firmly places ringback tone as the rapidly emerging mobile data service second only to ring tones in terms of popularity and market success, Globe Telecom of the Philippines has made this service available to its subscribers.
A simple scam on the Ringback system is costing around 30,000 businesses with payphones thousands of pounds.
Livewire Mobile to power digital music downloads, ringback and ringtones for Sprint and MetroPCS
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Through the addition of Livewire, which provides full track music, ringback tones, ringtones and infotainment services, OnMobile expands its music and ringback tone services to operators in North America, enhancing its market position in mobile cloud services in the region, the buyer said.