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A bony growth on the fetlock, pastern, or coffin bone of a horse's foot, usually causing lameness.


(Veterinary Science) an abnormal bony growth affecting the pastern of a horse, often causing lameness



an abnormal bony growth on the pastern bones of a horse, often resulting in lameness.
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For infant Girls there is a mixed palette of classic reds and deep purples combined with herA[degrees] ringbone and tweeds, as well as rich purples with turquoise.
Merry claimed that Colthurst had been gifted 40 per cent of the gelding in a verbal agreement after the horse had been diagnosed with ringbone, which had forced his withdrawal from the Goffs Land Rover Sale.
Stringer: This pattern provides good protection against abrasion but requires less filler metal than a waffle or her ringbone pattern.
The 16-year-old suffers intermittent lameness caused by a condition called ringbone.
Other bony growths, such as splints, spavins, and ringbone, are often the result of some injury to the periosteum.
Borgnine is an Oscar-winning Hollywood actor and a well-mixed transposal of RINGBONE.
Customers have claimed major improvements in arthritis, recovery from sprains and strains, ringbone, navicular and even laminitis.
Mules are much less likely to injure themselves, founder, or get navicular, ringbone, or colic than horses.