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or ring dove  (rĭng′dŭv′)
1. A domestic pigeon (Streptopelia risoria) having black markings that form a half circle on the neck. Also called ringed turtle dove, ringneck dove.


1. (Animals) another name for wood pigeon
2. (Animals) an Old World turtledove, Streptopelia risoria, having a greyish plumage with a black band around the neck


or ring′ dove`,

1. Also called ringed′ tur′tle dove`.a small domestic dove, Streptopelia risoria, having a black half ring around the nape of the neck.
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Noun1.ringdove - greyish Old World turtledove with a black band around the neck; often caged
turtledove - any of several Old World wild doves
2.ringdove - Eurasian pigeon with white patches on wings and neckringdove - Eurasian pigeon with white patches on wings and neck
pigeon - wild and domesticated birds having a heavy body and short legs
genus Columba, Columba - type genus of the Columbidae: typical pigeons


[ˈrɪŋdʌv] Npaloma f torcaz
References in classic literature ?
In the ravine a ringdove mourned plaintively, and somewhere off in the bushes an owl hooted.
Hitti, the Lebanese-American scholar of Islam who introduced the field of Arab Studies to the United States, affirmed that the Ikhwan Al Safah appellation was presumably taken from the story of the ringdove in "Kalilah wa-Dimnah", where a group of animals act as faithful friends to escape the snares of the hunter.
The palace that to heaven his pillars threw, And kings the forehead on his threshold drew, I saw the solitary ringdove there, And 'Coo, coo, coo,' she cried; and 'Coo, coo, coo.
Giron-Negron, en "The Medieval Avatars of Kalila wa-Dimnah: The Digresion on Wealth and Poverty in the Ringdove Chapter", presenta un erudito analisis comparativo de cuatro versiones (arabe, hebrea, castellana y latina) de la digresion sobre la pobreza y la riqueza, que aparece en el quinto capitulo de la version castellana.
the tales of the ringdove (1,27), Syrinx (2,34), and Echo (3,23).
In the ringdove (34), rat (35), quail (31), and goldfish (23), the aromatizable androgens induce brain aromatase activity.