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 (rĭng′kē-dĭngk′) Slang
1. Old-fashioned; worn-out.
2. Insignificant; unimportant.
3. Of cheap or poor quality; makeshift.
One that is regarded as old-fashioned, worn-out, insignificant, or cheap in quality.

[Origin unknown.]


1. old-fashioned or quaint
2. of poor quality
3. substandard or imperfect
4. insignificant or minor


(ˈrɪŋ kiˌdɪŋk)
Slang. adj.
1. small-time.
2. antiquated.
[1910–15, Amer.; rhyming compound]
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James Gandolfini hits the bottle after a stranger claims half-ownership of the rinky-dink amusement park he runs in New Jersey.
The iPad Air will compete with Surface Pro, not some rinky-dink Android tablet.
Behind him a rinky-dink set of borrowed harrows brought him shame again--the bank forced us to sell all our equipment at the end of the previous year, including Dad's big blood-red Massey-Ferguson.
For his fourth wee musical for Oran Mor's A Play, a Pie & A Pint season, Anderson was reflecting on a teenage holiday romance between his younger self, played with energetic innocence by Jack Mullen, and Katie Barnett as a rinky-dink all-Caledonian showgirl.
New developments spread along the Black Sea coast, through Communist-era resorts and rinky-dink fishing villages and up into the mountain ski towns of Bansko, Pamporovo and Borotvets, revitalizing once sleepy and dated locales.
I eventually emerged at the bus stop to board the #21 straight to Bethlehem and then the walk thru Bethlehem's Old City, another bus, the old rinky-dink one, and finally home in Beit Sahour where I was famished and fatigued.
Close to $1 trillion annually just to fight small cadres of terrorists or a couple of rinky-dink nuclear states?
only to then feel affronted as Frank's rinky-dink keyboards came in, followed by his daft vocals: "I was born in Timperley/Oh Timperley is really great/I go shopping in Timperley/Cos we've got loads of shops/That's where I do all the shopping for me mum/Five pounds of potatoes and loads of chops
Milberg Weiss was not some rinky-dink group of ambulance chasers; it was the Cadillac of plaintiff's law firms, whose attorneys were well credentialed (many of them former assistant U.
Could it be that building a skating rink behind City Hall was a rinky-dink idea?
The NCUA still must reform the share insurance fund, address systemic risk and modernize things that are outdated and flat out rinky-dink in this industry.
What started as a rinky-dink, smalltime passion for a few guys across the country--pushing a few stapled sheets of copy paper with descriptions of senior high school players--has morphed into a multimillion-dollar mega business that crosses all lines of communication, from national television, radio and print to camps, football games and player promotion services.