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(rĭp′rôr′ĭng) also rip-roar·i·ous (rĭp′rôr′rē-əs)
adj. Informal
Noisy, lively, and exciting.

[From rip + (up)roar(ious).]

rip′-roar′ing·ly adv.


informal characterized by excitement, intensity, or boisterous behaviour


boisterously wild and exciting; riotous.
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: - uncontrollably noisyrip-roaring - uncontrollably noisy      
noisy - full of or characterized by loud and nonmusical sounds; "a noisy cafeteria"; "a small noisy dog"


[ˈrɪpˌrɔːrɪŋ] ADJ [party] → desmadrado, animadísimo; [speech] → apasionado, violento; [success] → clamoroso


[ˈrɪpˈrɔːrɪŋ] adj (party, success) → travolgente
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The scene that the film takes its name from is still rip-roaringly funny and it's so much better than its many sequels.
Now, however, there are no impediments, and Louis finds himself ready, willing and able to join the cast of Bouncers, which is returning to the Royal Court after a rip-roaringly successful run at the theatre last season.
Haines and is as frightening and rip-roaringly hilarious today as it was upon its release in 1984.
Back from extinction and rip-roaringly frightening, dinosaurs will roam the earth once again in the new Dinosaur Valley attraction.
In fact, I would only ever go to a curry house when rip-roaringly drunk.
After all, this is the man who made his mark being blatantly and politically incorrect, un-snobbish and rip-roaringly funny, often stealing the show alongside some of TV's greats.