riparian forest

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Noun1.riparian forest - woodlands along the banks of stream or riverriparian forest - woodlands along the banks of stream or river
timberland, woodland, forest, timber - land that is covered with trees and shrubs
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CRP also is protecting more than 170,000 stream miles with riparian forest and grass buffers, enough to go around the world 7 times.
During the executive council meeting, Secretary Quigley led a discussion about the benefits of riparian forest buffers in improving water quality.
Short-term response of woody plants to fire in a Rio Grande riparian forest, central New Mexico, USA.
A large proportion of Cerulean Warblers breed in riparian forest in portions of this species' range such as Missouri and Arkansas, which have been poorly sampled using conventional survey methods (Jacobs and Wilson 1997, Robbins et al.
We need to restore riparian forest and establish wildlife corridors along rivers.
Giesen (2000) categorized wetland vegetation in DSNP as dwarf swamp forest, stunted swamp forest, tall swamp forest, riparian forest, hill forest, heath forest, secondary shrub, burned area regrowth, floating meadow, and lakebed vegetation.
Riparian forest, mesic shrubland, and mixed mountain shrubland were assigned optimal suitability; deciduous forest, mixed forest, and mixed mountain shrub were assigned [SI.
In the southwest, such areas of riparian forest along the river floodplains are called bosques, from the Spanish word for woodlands.
The old riparian forest died off and the area had become a mini-culture of invasive species, said the conservancy's Mickey Hazelwood.
The Central Valley's riparian forest habitat is one of the most endangered ecosystems in the US, with more than 90 percent of its original acreage now converted to agriculture and suburbs.
Nutrient dynamics in an agricultural watershed--observations on the role of riparian forest.
Riparian forest was represented by a single point and one species (sycamore).