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1. Piled broken stones used as a foundation or to stabilize an easily eroded bank or slope.
2. An assemblage of such broken stones.
tr.v. rip·rapped, rip·rap·ping, rip·raps
1. To construct a riprap in or on.
2. To strengthen with a riprap.

[Reduplication of rap.]



1. a quantity of broken stone for foundations, revetments of embankments, etc.
2. a foundation or wall of stones thrown together irregularly.
[1570–80; gradational reduplication of rap1]
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Matthew Taylor of GZA said the rock-facing does not comply with Massachusetts Department of Transportation or city of Worcester standards for riprap construction.
The culvert served as good training since the Soldiers had to dig the trench, compact the bottom, lay the large concrete pipe, compact the fill, and emplace riprap at the entry and exit sides to encourage water to flow into the culvert so that it would not undermine their work.
Still, you might say that in Riprap Snyder offers a cultural alternative to the moral despair of Lowell's Brahmin, psycho-existential Puritanism, replacing it with an image of mystical anarchism already thriving on the West Coast by 1959.
For example, while most early season fishing pressure on the lake occurs at riprap near the dam, Clark-Kolaks says the study revealed easily accessible riprap banks across the reservoir.
One key question is who's responsible for maintaining the seawalls and riprap structures that are being built along the coast today, financed largely by the homeowners who are seeking protection.
Bevill, Oklahoma State University, for "Stilling Basin and Riprap Stability Design for RCC Stepped Spillways.
Jaw crushers are suitable for processing concrete, stone and demolition material, such as brick and block, and can produce larger products such as riprap.
A riprap design creates a softer edge, connecting the large expanses of grass, open lawns, terraces, groves and overlooks.
A pilot channel will now be constructed to divert flows away from the bank and allow placement of earth fill and continuous rock riprap that are needed to protect the airport facility and restore its ability to operate.
I could see a huge morning glory near the riprap, which was a good sign.
Work will entail maintenance and/ or repair of: buildings and structures; electrical, mechanical, plumbing and sewer systems; beaches, riprap, unpaved roads, parking areas, boat ramps, vehicles and equipment.
Add shoulder-protecting riprap along sections subject to erosion.