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A coarse-toothed saw used for cutting wood along the grain.


(Tools) a handsaw for cutting along the grain of timber



n., v. -sawed, -sawed -sawn, -saw•ing. n.
1. a saw for cutting wood with the grain.
2. to saw (wood) in such a manner.
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Noun1.ripsaw - a handsaw for cutting with the grain of the woodripsaw - a handsaw for cutting with the grain of the wood
carpenter's saw, hand saw, handsaw - a saw used with one hand for cutting wood
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Governor Rhodora Cadiao, SP Member Dante Beriog, Chair, Committee on Trade and Industry, the members of the Provincial Bamboo Development Council and the University of Antique led the turn-over ceremony for the said equipment composed of poll cutter and twin ripsaw.
New England Casket also uses Weinig moulders, Kenwood ripsaws, a Stiles ripsaw with Cameron automation for rough milling and a computerized CNC router from C.
Some of the Howes' more popular machines include: the Ripsaw, the Badger, the Thermite, the Ripchair and the Bulldog.
Adventure took me back to my childhood (it was one of my favourite movies) and getting soaked on the Dudley Do-Right's Ripsaw Falls at Islands of Adventure made me giggle like a big kid.
The lumber runs through the Yates planer, to the Progressive Systems ripsaw, then via conveyor to the WoodEye, to the Eagle Talon saw and on to the Whirlwind saw.
It was subsequently recovered but with ripsaw and chopsaw stolen.
Dudley Do-Right's Ripsaw Falls at Universal's Islands of Adventure, Orlando, Fla.
Although it may seem obvious, the three ways to improve production and efficiency on the gang ripsaw are to: keep the machine running at peak performance, reduce setup and changeover downtime, and improve raw material yield.
Thir3een, Air and the Ripsaw are all unmissable and set up the fear factor for the Scarefest that night.
I was on Ripsaw where everyone sits in a row and the barrier wouldn't close because of me so I had to get off and walk away in front of everybody.
com ALL the big rides, including Nemesis, Air, Rita, Oblivion, Ripsaw, Submission and Th13teen, plus a water park and hotels set in 500 acres of countryside.