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n. Slang
One that is remarkable for strength, intensity, or excellence.

rip′snort′ing adj.


slang a person or thing noted for intensity or excellence
[C19: from rip1 + snorter]
ˈripˌsnorting adj


(ˈrɪpˈsnɔr tər)

something exceedingly strong, exciting, etc.: a ripsnorter of a storm.
[1830–40, Amer.]
rip′snort`ing, adj.
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It was a ripsnorter of a shot, as sensational as it was unexpected, two minutes into four for time added on and with Hibs playing down the clock in their bid to move within 11 points of their great rivals in the championship.
The unexposed Cougar Mountain, and French dark horse Rangali, are just two others to consider in what looks a ripsnorter of a sprint.
Aaron Finch, who started the tournament in smashing form, fell in just the third over to Mitchell Starc, who produced a ripsnorter of a short delivery to send the Australian back to the pavilion - Starc (4-0-21-2) would bowl wonderfully well towards the end of the innings too, to earn his money, and then some, for the night.
In the charts this week, horror ripsnorter Resident Evil: Revelations shot straight to the top of the charts, sending fellow chiller Dead Island: Riptide sliding down to four.
Craig Revel Horwood was also full of praise for Jason, saying: "It was a ripsnorter mate.
GETON Ripsnorter PEDAL POWER The bookies find alternative transport after doing their brains (and their cars) at Goodwood
Nobody wanted to say the event was a ripsnorter, but U.