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adj. risk·i·er, risk·i·est
Accompanied by or involving risk or danger; hazardous.

risk′i·ly adv.
risk′i·ness n.
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Adv.1.riskily - in a dangerously risky manner; "he lost the game by playing too riskily"


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The #BabajiRaiseTheBar is another take on Luck vs Skill dialogue in Poker, but it moves away from the tried and dried chic 'James Bond-like Casino Look' and riskily bets on contemporary commentary from the Indian Perspective.
Riskily that could antagonize mere political dissenters and so fuel the rebel propaganda.
The view was that they were custodians of a country's accumulated wealth and had a duty to preserve capital for the next generation rather than riskily seek to increase it, or use the vast financial power at their disposal to help the country's economic development.
Nevertheless, if my reading of the place of "The Dry Salvages" within the Quartets as a whole is accepted, then is there not indeed something most dizzyingly and riskily experimental about staking all one's intellectual, philosophical, and aesthetic cards on that simplest and most foundational of all Marian prayers, the "Hail Mary"?
Driving and risky driving may not increase male fitness in the modern environment, but the psychological predispositions that lead modern men to drive more and drive riskily may have been adaptive for our ancestors.
Because he urges John Stones to stride riskily forward, forgiving him the ricks that arrived with regularity.
37 It has been noted that early exposure to xenoestrogens is riskily and incline to breast cancer in later life.
His daredevil action in diving riskily for a narrow space between Raikkonen and Vettel just after the start resulted in the luckless Finn having to head for the garage for repairs with Vettel fuming over the radio to his pit lane backup: "Kyvat's driving like a madman.
38) Criminal negligence concerns the failure to perceive a particular risk, specified elsewhere in a statute, whereas tort negligence involves acting riskily in general.
As long as a shaman focuses on the spirit/semanget dimension he is like a heroic raja riskily interacting with forces for the benefit of the community.