risky venture

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Noun1.risky venture - a wild and exciting undertaking (not necessarily lawful)risky venture - a wild and exciting undertaking (not necessarily lawful)
project, task, undertaking, labor - any piece of work that is undertaken or attempted; "he prepared for great undertakings"
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REVIEW Love Me Tender IT is always a risky venture taking the music from an iconic act and trying to work a story around it to turn it into a stage musical.
Taking a chance on a risky venture could mean losing something that is precious to you.
A LOCAL estate agent who nearly died during a fundraising cycle ride has now embarked on another risky venture.
But, the telecoms major is still to make a decision on which company to choose either for the British major operator owned by two firms, EE, or for UK's second leading and less risky venture O2.
The project is a risky venture that would require an equally challenging improvement in build quality, increase in marketing and technical expertise in realizing a cost effective design to compete against world-leading luxury compact sedans, such as the BMW 3-Series.
NRL lost one of it biggest stars but surely have gained rugby and sports fans respect for taking a risky venture in his career.
At the time, the tournament was seen as a daring yet risky venture, and possibly a one-time event.
A strange statement from a person who is of the opinion it is a risky venture, although not so strange when we are given to understand in a past life he was a hedge fund manager, that was about taking risks with other people's money.
The Saudis are skeptical of the interim nuclear deal with Iran negotiated by major powers, viewing it as a risky venture that could embolden their Shiite-led rivals in Tehran.
Should he continue his classroom job in the sunshine of Dubai or give it up for a risky venture in catering?
The Lucentra Corporation works to provide quality information that should help clients decide whether the entering the market of choice will be a positive endeavor or a possibly risky venture.
Offering an unusual drink in Lebanon is a risky venture for a market known to have a particular set of tastes, but store workers say that while many Lebanese don't know about the shop, more and more are coming.