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A string on which foodstuffs, such as chilies, onions, or garlic, are threaded or tied for storage.

[Spanish, from Old Spanish riestra, variant of riesta, rieste, from Latin restis, rope, cord, ristra.]
Word History: A ristra not only can be used to decorate bare kitchen walls, it is a good way of preserving foodstuffs that keep best in the open air. Dried chilies are likely to get musty if stored in a dark or damp place where there is no movement of air, and garlic and onions may begin to sprout. The Spanish word ristra descends from the Latin word restis, meaning not only "rope" but also "ristra." Ristras of garlic and onions have probably adorned Mediterranean kitchens since ancient times.


(Cookery) cookery a string of dried chilli peppers, sometimes used as decoration
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In five hours, 45 minutes, the participants used a whopping 3,250lbs of red chilli pods to create a ristra spanning 157.
Lots of unexposed fillies here, with Latin Lynx, Ristra and Sophisticat looking the pick.
Anaheim/New Mexico (named for where it grows), also known as California long green chili, chilacate, chile college, chile colorado, chile de ristra, chile verde, Chimayo, Hatch, long green/red chili, New Mexico 6-4, New Mexico No.
You would think that a restaurant named after a string of red chilies would serve New Mexico food, but Ristra is very French.
If you would like to make a ristra, look for chilies at farmers' markets and produce stands-or harvest from your garden if plants produce bountifully.
All restaurants are beautifully decked out for the season with colorful Christmas trees dressed in handmade Mexican ornaments, Mexican paper flowers, donkey, bull and horse pinatas, painted tin ornaments, and lighted chili ristras.
Since red chiles are usually sold whole, ground into powder, or woven into decorative ristras, they don't need to be peeled, which eliminates the main challenge of cooking with them.
Leaving their chilis drying on the ristras and melon seeds on the floors of their tenements.
Ripe pods of red peppers can be sun-dried on trays, or in long ristras, or dried in half the time in a food dryer.
Luminarias light the front entry and red chili ristras hang from light fixtures.
What makes these gardens so enchanting are the colorful details: a cluster of blown-glass grapes tied to a stake, red chili ristras strung on a fence, painted wood bird cages arrayed on a patio wall.
Use mature green ones fresh or stuffed for chile rellenos, or red ones dried and strung for ristras.