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tr.v. rit·u·al·ized, rit·u·al·iz·ing, rit·u·al·iz·es
1. To make a ceremony of or put in the form of a ceremony: The Christian service ritualizes the Last Supper in the Eucharist.
2. To put into a prescribed and socially acceptable form or order: "Sport ritualizes aggression and allows it to be linked with competitive achievement" (David Whitson).
3. Zoology To cause (behavior) to have the form of a ritual: courtship behavior that has become ritualized.

rit′u·al·i·za′tion (-ə-lĭ-zā′shən) n.


(ˈrɪtjʊəˌlaɪzd) or


1. anthropol ritual
2. (Anthropology & Ethnology) anthropol ritual
3. having many rituals
4. (Anthropology & Ethnology) having many rituals
5. (Ecclesiastical Terms) having many rituals
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It also addresses the extent to which theories of organizational resiliency (characterized by acceptance of reality, core values for guiding decision-making processes, and ritualized ingenuity) and distributed structure account for the ability of the North Carolina Community College System and the North Carolina Department of Correction to successfully provide postsecondary education to inmates.
A killer targets homeless men in a series of ritualized murders that leaves Tony and his new Oxbridge educated partner DI Andy Hall little to work on.
This article examines Maryland's three white lynchings, which occurred in the period 1886-1896, and argues that incidents of extra-legal violence constituted a ritualized response to transgressions against community codes, and suggests further that such acts occurred within carefully prescribed, if tacit, norms.
But even more than this, he notes how fragmented and fragile we are, which is symbolized and ritualized by the imposition of ashes on our foreheads.
Stan Fortuna of New York, has a beat with a downward deflection that is condescending in nature; apart from its profane lyrics it retains essential rhythmic elements of bragging (braggadocio), ritualized insult, and toasting oneself.
From the age of 5 or 6, daily life for many kumaris is highly ritualized and they have little contact with family, friends or the outside world.
1963, NEW YORK George Balanchine creates Bugaku, a dance about ritualized seduction, for Allegra Kent and Edward Villella.
I read Steven Pinker's article ("The Evolutionary Psychology of Religion" September/October 2006) with great interest and found an omission in one of the "plausible attempts to explain religion as a biological adaptation" Pinker cites the fear of snakes as an example of "plausible adaptation," but what seems on the surface obvious to me wasn't mentioned--that religion is a ritualized mechanism for various people to cope with the fear of death.
Like many successful academics, Hofstadter knew that it took a ritualized schedule that was never deviated from to crank out the necessary words.
Sir Gawin And The Green Knight And The Order Of The Garter by Francis Ingledew (Associate Professor, School of English, Philosophy, and Humanities, Fairleigh Dickinson University) is a scholarly assessment of the Arthurian poem "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight" and its relationship to the medieval chivalric ideology that became ritualized in the "Order of the Garter" and other European knightly orders of the period.
Additionally, Howard all but sidesteps the ritualized sex that's a big part of the goddess worship-crazy novel, and completely snuffs out the romantic spark between Langdon and Sophie.
With blunt sincerity, Nordstrom describes a ritualized life of privileged-class peccadilloes.