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also ri·al  (rē-ôl′, -äl′)
See Table at currency.

[Arabic riyāl, from Spanish real, real; see real2.]


(Currencies) the standard monetary unit of Qatar, divided into 100 dirhams; Saudi Arabia, divided into 100 halala; and Yemen, divided into 100 fils
[from Arabic riyāl, from Spanish real real2]


(riˈyɔl, -ˈyɑl)

also rial

the basic monetary unit of Qatar and Saudi Arabia.
[1935–40; < Arabic < Sp real real2]
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Noun1.riyal - the basic unit of money in Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabian monetary unit - monetary unit in Saudi Arabia
qurush - 20 qurush equal 1 riyal in Saudi Arabia
2.riyal - the basic unit of money in Qatar
Qatari monetary unit - monetary unit in Qatar
dirham, Qatari dirham - 100 dirhams equal 1 riyal in Qatar


[riːˈɑːl] Nriyal m


n (Saudi Arabian) → saudi-arabischer Riyal; (Yemeni) → Jemen-Riyal m
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Revenues and approved expenditures of Princess Norah bint Abdulrahman University are estimated at SR2,685,780,000 (Two billion six hundred eighty five million and seven hundred eighty thousand Saudi Riyal.
Talking about the projected deficit, Makki said the estimated 800 riyal deficit for the year 2010 will be 13 per cent of revenues and three per cent of gross domestic product (GDP).
The purchasing power of a Saudi riyal has been reduced to 57 halalas during the past 24 years as a result of inflation, a study conducted by Al-Eqtisadiah business daily said.
In a statement to the stock exchange, the company attributed the increase in profit to the non-recurring, 729mn riyal settlement payment from Saudi Arabian Oil Co (Saudi Aramco).
50 riyal per share dividend, resulting in a price to earnings ratio of 5.
Summary: 2018 deficit will be covered by drawing 500m riyals from reserves and 2.
79 billion riyals, while the state bore nearly three billion riyals.
5 million riyals ($99 million) in the three months to December 31, compared to 329.
27bn riyals, up 13% on 2013, which it attributed to higher operating income.
Saudi Arabia's Savola Group reported a 37 percent rise in fourth-quarter net profit on Monday, missing analyst estimates after the food company took an impairment of 100 million riyals on its investments and commodity prices fell.
The lender said last month it would distribute dividends for the first half of the year worth 975 million riyals - equivalent to 0.
The bank has proposed a dividend of 6 riyals per share, the statement added.