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also ri·al  (rē-ôl′, -äl′)
See Table at currency.

[Arabic riyāl, from Spanish real, real; see real2.]


(Currencies) the standard monetary unit of Qatar, divided into 100 dirhams; Saudi Arabia, divided into 100 halala; and Yemen, divided into 100 fils
[from Arabic riyāl, from Spanish real real2]


(riˈyɔl, -ˈyɑl)

also rial

the basic monetary unit of Qatar and Saudi Arabia.
[1935–40; < Arabic < Sp real real2]
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Noun1.riyal - the basic unit of money in Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabian monetary unit - monetary unit in Saudi Arabia
qurush - 20 qurush equal 1 riyal in Saudi Arabia
2.riyal - the basic unit of money in Qatar
Qatari monetary unit - monetary unit in Qatar
dirham, Qatari dirham - 100 dirhams equal 1 riyal in Qatar


[riːˈɑːl] Nriyal m


n (Saudi Arabian) → saudi-arabischer Riyal; (Yemeni) → Jemen-Riyal m
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It also booked a separate 164 million riyal loss because of an accounting method change for its investment in India's Aircel Group.
According to Umrah performers, most travel agencies offer Umrah trips with a high cost in Saudi riyal to avoid sharp decline in currencies of Arab spring countries.
The purchasing power of a Saudi riyal has been reduced to 57 halalas during the past 24 years as a result of inflation, a study conducted by Al-Eqtisadiah business daily said.
50 riyal per share dividend, resulting in a price to earnings ratio of 5.
I read recently in the GDN that the Commerce Ministry had said that the Saudi Arabian riyal should be accepted in Bahrain at a rate of 10 riyal:BD1.
In a statement to the stock exchange, the company attributed the increase in profit to the non-recurring, 729mn riyal settlement payment from Saudi Arabian Oil Co (Saudi Aramco).
THE Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB) pledged yesterday to investigate claims that some of the country's stores have been refusing to accept the Saudi riyal as legal tender.
The Saudi Riyal has no legal right to circulate in Bahrain alongside the Bahrain dinar.
35 billion Qatari Riyal which shows an increase of 12.
75 billion riyal Islamic bond, or Sukuk, due in July 2012, one for 750 million riyals maturing in 2014 and another totaling 1.
MANAMA: Sales people in some cold stores, pharmacies and retail shops in Bahrain are refusing to accept the Saudi riyal of small denominations (one riyal and 10 riyals) due to a drop in the Saudi currency exchange rate against the Bahraini dinar.
Riyadh, March 02, 2010, SPA --The following selling rates for Arab currencies against Saudi Riyal are announced by the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA) here today.