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Noun1.road builder - someone whose business is to build roads
constructor, builder - someone who contracts for and supervises construction (as of a building)
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For the reconstruction of County Highway MM, the road builder Cornerstone USA, of Racine, came in with an apparentlow bid of roughly $3.
He played non-league football for Lancaster City, Gateshead, Stockton Town and Richmond Town while working as a road builder and scaffolder.
John Mullan: The Tumultuous Life of a Western Road Builder discusses the man responsible for a 625-mile link that connected the Missouri and Columbia Rivers: a West Point graduate who completed the Northwest's first engineered highway at age thirty-two.
23 December 2013 - French road builder Colas SA (EPA:RE) anticipates to receive up to EUR380m (USD519m) in net proceeds from the disposal of its 16.
Mostotrest also spent R121m net on disposal of the road builder ETS and increase of equity interest in another road builder TSM (from 50.
William Cox; Blue Mountains road builder and pastoralist.
Apart from Sibbusinessbank, Andreev is also a shareholder in local road builder Avtoban, which will in turn get a stake in Expobank once the takeover closes.
DE) has said that it will trade 500,000 shares of road builder Hochiminh City Infrastructure Investment Joint Stock Co (CII.
MOVIE star Jonathan Rhys Meyers turned into a road builder to keep his new film on track in the Gobi Desert.
This case is based on the dangerous condition of public property and on the idea that the road builder and the municipality knew that drivers use GPS devices, that these devices can sometimes distract drivers, and, therefore, that the roadway should have had wider shoulders.
De Beers' contribution to underlying earnings of mining group Anglo American - owner of Wolverhampton-based road builder Tarmac, which holds a 45 per cent stake in the group - rose 5.
GRATEFUL: Dean Kiely is living a dream after nearly ending up as a road builder