road game

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Noun1.road game - a game played away from homeroad game - a game played away from home  
game - a single play of a sport or other contest; "the game lasted two hours"
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The Red Roof Country Road Game, Beach Promotions and an Easy Trip Planner All Designed to Help Americans Enjoy Their Vacations and Save Money This Summer
CSUN 64, South Dakota State 63: Junior Calvin Chitwood scored a team-high 18 points and Thomas Shewmake made a pair of free throws with 20 seconds left that proved to be the difference for the Matadors (13-14), who won their second road game this season.
Unlike Florida State, Penn State has to get through a rather tough Big 10 schedule with a tough road game vs.
The low-lying clouds and intermittent rain provided the perfect drab backdrop for UCLA's first road game.
First the Mustangs will try to bounce out of the two-game losing streak at 7 tonight in their third straight road game, this time against GSAC rival Vanguard of Costa Mesa (1-5, 0-1).
USC also won its school-record 13th straight conference road game.
The Trojans also won their 17th straight road game and 12th consecutive Pac-10 road game, both school records.
Rice hasn't won a road game since a 49-14 victory at Louisiana Tech in 2003.
It's a road game to them: Minus the a trip to the airport, Mighty Ducks coach Randy Carlyle treated Monday's regional rivalry matchup like any other road game.
It's the first time ESPN has had a standing deal with the Pac-10 since 1994 - the only time the conference has been on ESPN in recent years is when its in a non-conference road game.
The points total has gone under the Vegas line in eight of the NEW YORK GIANTS' last nine road games