road hog

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road hog

n. Informal
A motorist whose vehicle overlaps the traffic lane used by another motorist.

road hog

(ˈrəʊdhɒɡ) or


informal a selfish or aggressive driver

road′ hog`

a driver who obstructs traffic by occupying parts of two lanes.
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Noun1.road hog - a driver who obstructs others
driver - the operator of a motor vehicle
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The first book in the series follows compulsive road hogs, Chief Redbull, Goose Goldsmith and Derek Demonia, as they navigate through a kaleidoscopic India in their beloved SUV, 'Motormouth'.
Proudly posing with names like Hamlet, Pigaletto, Pigasso, Porkemon and Road Hog, there are three designs for the fiberglass pigs: sitting, walking and standing.
Not being an older driver - or for that matter a younger driver, ditzy girl, boy racer, taxi driver, 4x4 road hog, salesman, cyclist or white van man.
Apparently, the alternative of a ride in road hog Alun Cairns' motor proved unpopular given his tendency to drive into anything that gets in his way.
Ian Kinsley, 44, came up with the idea after getting annoyed by one road hog.
Anyone coming up the inside lane cannot pass the car in the middle lane, so to get round the road hog you must exceed the speed limit to pass that car.
Anyway, he couldn't drive a car and it was a blasted nuisance as well as being inconvenient - especially when I was seven months pregnant with tomorrow's embryo road hog, had two toddlers and a holiday booked 200 miles away with all of them except me sick with excitement.
A ROAD hog pensioner last night vowed to carry on driving despite leaving a bizarre trail of destruction.
The Road Hog is as inconsiderate on the road as he is in bed.
This site is known for its innovative cartoons such as Angry Kid: Road Hog - a hilarious look at a lone cyclist waging war against automotive injustice.
Yes, stop and fine the road hogs who rudely ignore the rules, but don't punish those who use the left lane with prudence when it's safer and creates no obstacle to other drivers.
The police need to take more notice of these cyclist road hogs.