road hog

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road hog

n. Informal
A motorist whose vehicle overlaps the traffic lane used by another motorist.

road hog

(ˈrəʊdhɒɡ) or


informal a selfish or aggressive driver

road′ hog`

a driver who obstructs traffic by occupying parts of two lanes.
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Noun1.road hog - a driver who obstructs others
driver - the operator of a motor vehicle
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The first book in the series follows compulsive road hogs, Chief Redbull, Goose Goldsmith and Derek Demonia, as they navigate through a kaleidoscopic India in their beloved SUV, 'Motormouth'.
NO-ONE likes a road hog - especially when it closes the M62 at rush hour while being chased by police
Dolly Parton in her farm, part of Nicki McCubbing's installation Pictures: COLIN LANE/TMCL140711BLUECOAT-5 Nicki McCubbing has created an installation exploring the connections between Liverpool women and female country singers Road Hog by Bruce Lee Courtesy of the artist and Webb Gallery, Waxahachie, Texas Liverpool musician Mike Badger, pictured in Texas, features in Mark McNulty's short film Ashtrays & Tables Picture: MARK MCNULTY Trish Simonite's photographs show a flavour of the honky tonk in Liverpool and Texas: left, Side Bar, Smokey Moes, Liverpool; right, Tips, Arkey Blues Silver Dollar Saloon, Bandera, Texas
The following morning we had a lesson on how to operate the boat (even the most nervous road hog could do it), and then we were off along the canal.
But by 1977 the band's popularity had waned and their single Gypsy Road Hog failed to enter the Top 40.
Proudly posing with names like Hamlet, Pigaletto, Pigasso, Porkemon and Road Hog, there are three designs for the fiberglass pigs: sitting, walking and standing.
8DA YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Flip-top 9 Motor 10 Afire 11 On leave 12 Rot 13 Glaucoma 16 Break out 17 Nod 19 Termini 21 Bombe 22 Anvil 23 Tyrants DOWN: 1 Affairs 2 Minister 3 Stye 4 Implicit 5 Etna 6 Aries 8 Protagonist 13 Gladioli 14 Monument 15 Adverse 18 Straw 20 Rave 21 Bird QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Hairstylist 8 Fed 9 Pro 11 Leakage 12 Brain 13 Elm 14 Tot 15 Wheedle 17 Hot 19 Vamp 21 Orgy 23 Glen 25 Tuna 27 Tat 29 Popcorn 31 Ash 34 Gum 36 Climb 37 Unclasp 38 Hod 39 Let 40 Teetotaller DOWN: 1 Heel 2 Adam 3 Road hog 4 Teeter 5 Label 6 Spat 7 Trio 8 Flesh 10 On tap 16 Eve 18 Ton 20 Ant 22 Rap 24 Lyrical 25 Teach 26 Acquit 28 Tempt 30 Orbit 32 Slot 33 Hide 34 Gale 35 User
Not being an older driver - or for that matter a younger driver, ditzy girl, boy racer, taxi driver, 4x4 road hog, salesman, cyclist or white van man.
Apparently, the alternative of a ride in road hog Alun Cairns' motor proved unpopular given his tendency to drive into anything that gets in his way.
Anyone coming up the inside lane cannot pass the car in the middle lane, so to get round the road hog you must exceed the speed limit to pass that car.
Anyway, he couldn't drive a car and it was a blasted nuisance as well as being inconvenient - especially when I was seven months pregnant with tomorrow's embryo road hog, had two toddlers and a holiday booked 200 miles away with all of them except me sick with excitement.
Ian Kinsley, 44, came up with the idea after getting annoyed by one road hog.