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Local Broadcast TV's 12th Annual Project Roadblock "Puts the Brakes on Drunk Driving" PSA Campaign Has Contributed to Significant Decrease in Impaired Driving Fatalities
No agreement has been reached for lifting a roadblock in Deryneia that leads to the Turkish-occupied city of Famagusta.
On 29th December, Israeli military barricaded the village of Deir Istiya, Salfit with a roadblock.
TEHRAN (FNA)- A Palestinian young man was killed and another injured in an Israeli forces' shooting at a car at a military roadblock near Qalqilia.
The Ministry of Interior on Wednesday said on its website that a military and police force including nine armored vehicles and a tank were able to lift a tribal roadblock on the main road in Al-Wadi district.
TUNIS - Gunmen who set up a roadblock in western Tunisia shot dead two people in a car they stopped and two policemen who later sped to the scene, the interior ministry said Sunday.
The statement said a National Guard patrol was sent to investigate reports that a civilian and a prison warden had been shot dead by an armed group at a roadblock set up by armed men in Jendouba.
Furthermore, soldiers also invaded various neighborhoods in Al-Khalil city, and installed a roadblock at its northern entrance.
There hasn't been any work going on there for the last fiveA[degrees]andA[degrees]aA[degrees]half of those months that the roadblock has been there.
The accused planted a home-made bomb in a roadblock they set up using pile of tyres, palm tree trunks and garbage bins to ambush policemen.
They planted a home-made bomb in a roadblock in East Al-Aker, and used a pile of tires, palm tree trunks and garbage bins to ambush policemen, he said.
The new monthly event called Roadblock launches on Tuesday at LQ Nightclub (previously Liquid and Envy) in the city centre, between 6.