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Noun1.roadbook - a guidebook describing the roads of a country; contains maps and (sometimes) a gazetteer
guidebook, guide - something that offers basic information or instruction
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The stewards' decision stated: "Car #1 did not go around the elements of the chicane as shown in the roadbook at box 18 of SS22".
Under new regulations, drivers are now not permitted to carry maps in any form (paper, electronic or any other type of support) so crews must therefore rely solely on the roadbook and the GPS system provided by the organisers.
AG2R La Mondiale's Cyril Gautier used the moment to propose to his girlfriend via the medium of a scrawled note on a page torn from the race roadbook, held up for the camera motorbike, while Wanty-Groupe Gobert's Yoann Offredo went up the road alone so he could stop and say hello to friends and family in his hometown on the outskirts of Paris.
Mobileye's Roadbook will be integrated as a data layer in HERE HD Live Map, HERE's real-time cloud service for partially, highly and fully automated vehicles.
Apres le controle technique des vehicules des concurrentes et le controle administratif des athletes, le top depart a ete donne d'Alger au stade 5-Juillet, avec une minute d'ecart entre chaque concurrente selon le tirage au sort et suivant l'itineraire du roadbook.
Avec un parcours fleche, ne necessitant pas l'utilisation de roadbook, les organisateurs ont voulu offrir aux competiteurs la possibilite de pouvoir sortir le meilleur d'eux.