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A sheltered offshore anchorage area for ships.

[Earlier road, place where ships can ride at anchor, roadstead (from Middle English rode, a riding; see road) + earlier stead, a place (from Middle English stede; see stead).]


(Nautical Terms) nautical another word for road5



a partly sheltered area of water near a shore in which vessels may ride at anchor.
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Noun1.roadstead - a partly sheltered anchorageroadstead - a partly sheltered anchorage  
anchorage ground, anchorage - place for vessels to anchor


[ˈrəʊdsted] N (Naut) → rada f
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A jetty pier, some two thousand yards along, extended into the roadstead.
It was good for one to be sure of that when, in an open roadstead, one heard in the cabin the wind pipe up; but still, there were moments when I detested Mr.
Therefore she went into that natural harbor to wait for a few days in preference to remaining in an open roadstead.
The passage from Belle-Isle to Sarzeau was made rapidly enough, thanks to one of those little corsairs of which D'Artagnan had been told during his voyage, and which, shaped for fast sailing and destined for the chase, were sheltered at that time in the roadstead of Loc-Maria, where one of them, with a quarter of its war-crew, performed duty between Belle-Isle and the continent.
We anchored in the open roadstead of Horta, half a mile from the shore.
For there was a good roadstead there, in which foreign ships also liked to anchor: those ships took many people with them, who wished to cross over from the Happy Isles.
The whole great roadstead to the right was just a mere flicker of blue, and the dim cool hall swallowed me up out of the heat and glare of which I had not been aware till the very moment I passed in from it.
Gary Faber, the company's senior vice president, says Foss also employs roadstead loading of dry bulk cargo--the first such system in the world.
Contract award: Basic renewal zw as papenburg and as roadstead
For additional leasing information, contact either Geoff Groat of Roadstead at (843) 577-7732 ext.
An extensive "Google Books" search has revealed small islands called The Three Brothers (De Drie Gebroeders) in the Macassar roadstead, where there was a useful anchorage (Edeling 1832:121, 124).
The expedition finally returned to Lorient roadstead on 24 March 1804, but without its commander Baudin, who had died the previous September in Mauritius.