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1. Very lively or successful; thriving: a roaring trade.
2. Used as an intensive: roaring drunk.

roar′ing·ly adv.
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Gaily, roaringly, irresistibly, in jolly-good-fellow style, we dragged him from the restaurant to a cafe, stuffing his pockets with his embalmed birds and indigestible nuggets.
THE 1920s have never looked as roaringly enjoyable as they do with the cast of this colourful, lively show transporting you to them.
Not that I needed to - it was roaringly obvious what Cormac meant.
Apparently, the cowboys' drink is so strong that, when they're roaringly drunk, they are empowered to do the most improbable feats on their horses, including aerobatic tricks usually associated with circus performers!
Some of her axiomatic summaries of a particular year or period stick in the mind: 1956 is described as "mikor a szornyu rend olomfalat / az almok arvize harsogva torte at" (when the leaden wall of a terrible order / was roaringly broken by the flood of dreams), and the 1970s are described as the "decade of comfortable despair / and flavourless joy.