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a. A hardy species of coffee, Coffea canephora, of western Africa, widely cultivated for its commercially valuable seeds, often considered inferior to arabica seeds.
b. The beanlike seed of this plant.
2. The coffee brewed from the seeds of this plant.

[New Latin (Coffea) rōbusta, former species name of Coffea canēphora, from Latin, feminine of rōbustus, strong; see robust.]


1. (Plants) a species of coffee tree, Coffea canephora
2. (Plants) coffee or coffee beans obtained from this plant
[from Latin rōbustus strong]
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Vietnamese traders quoted the 5 percent black and broken grade 2 robusta at a discount of $70-$100 per tonne to the ICE May futures contract, tightening slightly from a $50-$100 discount a week earlier.
The arabica bean is in considerably higher demand than Coffea robusta.
This January, Nespresso is taking coffee lovers on a journey of discovery to its origins with new Limited Edition coffees, Arabica Ethiopia Harrar and Robusta Uganda.
Robusta coffee - which, as the name suggests, is more resistant - grows in tropical areas up to 800m of altitude.
Losses posted during October in Robusta futures, were extended during November, with Arabics ending Little changed on the month after recouping some losses in the last week of November.
Contract notice: Service provision for several robusta satellite launches
Arabica beans are actually favored by professional roasters, baristas and serious coffee lovers because they produce a far more delicious cup of coffee than the second most popular cultivar, the Robusta bean.
This dark-roasted coffee is a blend of distinctive Arabica from India with a Robusta from Mexico, with roasted notes and rich scents reminiscent of aromatic woods and gingerbread, according to a statement.
Prices of robusta beans have started to rise after harvests suffered in Brazil, Vietnam and Indonesia.
It is good to set your sights on Robusta or more specifically, Gourmet Robusta, which will be exported to the rest of the world.
Kahlwax 6700 (INCI: Copemicia cerifera cera, helianthus annuus seed cera, polyethylene, C30-50 alcohols, montan acid wax, shorea robusta resin, hydrogenated styrene/ethyl styrene/indene copolymer) is a vegan blend of carefully selected, high-quality ingredients, such as camauba wax, sunflower seed wax and shorea robusta resin, according to the company.
A team of researchers from around the world have sequenced the DNA of the Robusta coffee bean in an important step that could lead to future developments to improve the bean's yield, quality and resistance to disease and drought, and to increase farmer incomes.