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Noun1.rock band - a band of musicians who play rock'n'roll musicrock band - a band of musicians who play rock'n'roll music
dance band, dance orchestra, band - a group of musicians playing popular music for dancing
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Other bands included in the track list are the American rock 'n' roll band "Aerosmith", the popular American rock band Coldplay and the legendary English classic rock band The Beatles.
Both the PS4 and Xbox One Rock Band guitars are compatible with the Oculus Rift (PS499).
Summary: The English rock band will put on a show at the Irish Village next month
The 'three days of freedom' as the promoters put it will start off with a performance by the Greek rock band Nightstalker.
BRIDGEWATER HAS A very exciting club this year called Rock Band.
Byline: ROCK BAND 4 (PS4, XBOX ONE) By Cheryl Mullin Games reviewer
Harmonix) to co- publish Rock Band 4, the next generation of the award- winning social and interactive music-gaming platform.
At the Cross Keys in Llandudno, rock band Transum and special guests Ash Garden perform a live set.
This is the story of a rock band, a slum gang band, the Rowdies, working its dynamic rhythms in a mid-19th century Britain setting, a five-member band with a brass guitar, a melodium, clappers, drums and a singer which went on to greater fame and glory.
com will receive 5% off on all PS3, Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360 Rock Band and Guitar Hero bundles.
The Next Big Thing finalists are four-piece metal band Artisfiction; The Secret; rock band False Alibi; solo artist Kameelion; rock band Rumour; singer-songwriter Sarah Louise Owen; acoustic folk/rock band Courteous Thief; rock band Pocket Venus; metal/pop punk/rock band Beyond the State; The Cartel; The Reckless; and harpist, singer-songwriter Hero Melia.
STUDENT Marc Rodwell shed 15 stones in 18 months - battering out Green Day and Queen tunes on his Rock Band computer game.