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Noun1.rock concert - a performance of rock musicrock concert - a performance of rock music    
concert - a performance of music by players or singers not involving theatrical staging
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It's not only the state's largest venue of any kind, but the Grateful Dead, the famed San Francisco rock band for whom Eugene became somewhat of a second home, proved that a mass rock concert could work in "smallish" Eugene.
Summary: Rotterdam [Holland], Aug 24 (ANI): A rock concert in the Dutch city of Rotterdam has been cancelled over a terrorism warning.
The animal is a serval which has been used in a rock concert and then set free by Feather, the adopted daughter of Midir, the leader singer of the band, The Gentry.
A COUNTY Durham rock concert has raised PS5,000 for the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation.
From shaking a leg with college girls at a farewell party to attending a rock concert organised by the students of IIT- Patna, Sinha has been spreading his social and political message with characteristic elan these days.
In human terms, the noise exposure was similar to being at a loud rock concert or close to a pounding jack hammer, said the scientists.
ROCK bands will have a chance to showcase their talents as audition dates for an upcoming rock concert have been announced.
Not Andrew Evans, who took umbrage when he found out Cardiff Castle had planned a rock concert featuring 10cc, above, on the same day he was to hold his reception in the banqueting hall.
This is because I do not feel that what is now an iconic memorial to both the trauma suffered by Coventry people during the Second World War and reconciliation with former enemies was ever a suitable venue for a noisy rock concert which would no doubt have left the city's most famous landmark littered with a mountain of rubbish and may also have resulted in sections of it being used as a toilet by a minority of drunken morons.
Mywife just could not believe it - a 63 and a 65-year-old thrown out of a rock concert.
The saucy pair sent temperatures soaring when they launched the Jagermeister Monsters of Rock concert yesterday.
He added he will never forget his first rock concert - Mama's Boys at the SFX: "I was 15 and my mate was 18.