rock hound

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rock hound

n. Informal
1. One who specializes in geology.
2. One who collects rocks and minerals, especially gemstones, as a hobby.

rock′ hound′ing, rock′hound′ing (rŏk′houn′dĭng) n.

rock′ hound`

or rock′hound`,

an amateur collector of rocks and minerals.
[1920–25, Amer.]
rock′ hound`ing, n.
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The perfect book for the rock hound, public or school library browser, or the at-risk student who shuns science, this compendium speaks to the eyes.
After you've been down here awhile, you'd think that I'd get over being a rock hound but.
Maltman is not only a rock hound, he's a wine hound who clearly believes there are connections between the places grapes are grown and the character of the wines that result.
99) tells of a ten-year-old Tae Kwon Do blue belt and rock hound who discovers a grandfather he's never met--who is an expert mineral collector who even lives nearby
He also was a rock hound and loved spending his weekends with his family searching for interesting rocks and artifacts in the forests and wild parts of Mass.
Rock Hound will lose his job unless you help him find the dinosaur skeleton he needs.
The go-anywhere backpacks get children out into nature where they can become an insect-collecting entomologist, a rock hound, a bird watcher, a botanist, or just a nature observer.
of Toronto) writes for outdoor enthusiasts and others with a touch of rock hound in them, about the fundament of his particular part of North America.
Your best route resource - next to an old rock hound riding shotgun - is a selection of guidebooks and maps obtained from F.
The title of the latter is a play on words showcasing his dual paths as a rock hound and former professional rock 'n' roll musician.
You don't have to be a rock hound to wonder what created a land of such dramatic opposites.