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Noun1.rock star - a famous singer of rock musicrock star - a famous singer of rock music  
rock 'n' roll musician, rocker - a performer or composer or fan of rock music
singer, vocalist, vocalizer, vocaliser - a person who sings
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He's the biggest musician in 2017 and he's not very rock star, is he?
His new book, Uncommon People, takes in the genre through a broader lens, 1955 to 1995, charting the rise and fall of the rock star as a species over that time.
com)-- Today at ISTE 2017, CUE, an education nonprofit and ISTE, SETDA & iNACOL affiliate for California and Nevada, announced the expansion of its incredibly popular Rock Star Teacher Camps.
Music runners can select from two event packs-standard (t-shirt, bag, beat band, sticker and temporary tattoo) for P850 and Rock Star (with additional towel, water bottle and cap) for P1,400.
ROCK star Sting will re-open the Bataclan concert hall a day before the anniversary of the Paris terrorist attacks.
Eyespace has launched a promotional campaign for independents centred on its children's Rock Star frames brand to help practices embrace the summer of sport.
Has the mind started to boggle over which rock star or fashion icon to dress up as?
Fittingly for an economics rock star, Dubner once played in a rock band (and The Hanover Theatre has hosted a rock band or two).
It considers the evolution of the rock star figure as a cultural icon, it follows movies, media exposure, and how rock stars replaced movie stars as cultural heroes, and it blends social and political insights in a coverage that will appeal both to music readers and college-level audiences who follow social and cultural trends.
Holding Rock Star status means the local chapter is among the highest-ranking globally as only five out of 37 EMEA chapters achieved the status last year and only two have ever scored a hat-trick of awards -- Bahrain and South Africa's Johannesburg.
BORN AGATH ATH A A Christie, novelist, 1880 TOMMY Lee Jones, US actor, 1946, above JIMMY Carr, UK comedian, 1972 DIED RICK Wright, UK rock star, above, 2008, Johnny Ramone, US rock star, 2004 BILL Evans, US jazz star, 1980
As the UK summer carnival season kicks off with Glastonbury festival, bmi regional is offering customers who crave that rock star feeling the showiness of travelling by private jets with full in-flight service.