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A form of popular music combining features of rock music and bluegrass.


(Pop Music)
a. a fast, spare style of White rock music which originated in the mid-1950s in the US South
b. (as modifier): a rockabilly number.
[C20: from rock (and roll) + (hill)billy]


(ˈrɒk əˌbɪl i)

a style of popular music combining features of rock and hillbilly music.
[1955–60, Amer.; rock (and roll) + -a- connective + (hill) billy]
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Noun1.rockabilly - a fusion of black music and country music that was popular in the 1950srockabilly - a fusion of black music and country music that was popular in the 1950s; sometimes described as blues with a country beat
popular music, popular music genre - any genre of music having wide appeal (but usually only for a short time)


nrockabilly m
modif [band, style, music, trio] → rockabilly invrock and roll rock 'n' roll, rock'n'roll [ˌrɒkənˈrəʊl] n (= music) → rock and roll m, rock mrock-and-roll rock-'n'-roll, rock'n'roll [ˌrɒkənˈrəʊl] modif [singer] → de rock; [music] → rock inv; [group, band, number, record, album] → de rock; [lifestyle] → rock and roll inv; [legend] → du rockrock art nart m rupestrerock band ngroupe m de rockrock bottom
to hit rock bottom, to reach rock bottom [prices] → atteindre son niveau le plus bas; [morale] → être au plus bas; [person] → toucher le fond
Her spirits reached rock bottom → Son moral était au plus bas.
His confidence hit rock bottom
BUT Il n'avait plus du tout confiance en lui.rock-bottom [ˌrɒkˈbɒtəm] adj [prices, interest rates] → minuscule
"rock-bottom prices" → "prix sacrifiés"rock chick nrockeuse frock climber nvarappeur/euse m/frock climbing nvarappe f
to go rock climbing → faire de la varappe
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MATCHBOX - ACCESS ALL AREAS (EDSEL) ROCKABILLY is a combination of rock'n'roll and hillbilly , which brought together black and white musical roots during the Fifties to create a welcome new style of music.
com)-- On October 15, 2015, Rockabilly Jump Swing band Maureen & the Mercury 5 will meet their guitar hero - surf guitar legend Dick Dale - when they open for him in concert at Burbank hot spot Joe's Great American Bar & Grill.
The theme is Rockabilly, Bluegrass, Country and Cajun for the sixth annual fundraising festival at Shy Lowen Horse and Pony Sanctuary.
In 2005, Larry DeRieux, who grew up in the Mohawk Valley, was added to the Rockabilly Hall of Fame's "legends list.
WS Holland is the drummer that recorded in those early years of Rockabilly with the likes of Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis Presley, and Mr.
The Bridge Bar at Longroyd Bridge featuring live Sunday afternoon rock n roll with The Ford Valley Wranglers great rockabilly day at the Bridge - Sue, Alan, Debbie and Neil 220115COWAN 220115COW great rockabilly day at the Bridge - Sue, Alan, Debbie and Neil 220115COWAN9.
We entered rockabilly in the UAE music scene starting in 2010 -- first of all, the style of music that we play, it's music from the '50s, the very early stage of rock aACAyn roll.
Ireland's reigning queen of rockabilly will be performing at St David's Hall in Cardiff - her second date of the tour.
Singer Dan Sartain, I like his rockabilly style What's the most expensive fashion item you have ever bought?
But the couple did not stop there - not only did they have their dream wedding, they also took a step back in time with a 60s rockabilly theme.
Inspired by the legendary Coney Island Rockabilly Festival in New York, the event merged Fifties-style Americana music with edgy Burlesque.
The Coventry-based band, which he has led for the past eight years, mixes ska with rockabilly and has performed at ska festivals, scooter rallies and numerous music venues.