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Noun1.rocket engineer - an engineer who builds and tests rocketsrocket engineer - an engineer who builds and tests rockets
applied scientist, engineer, technologist - a person who uses scientific knowledge to solve practical problems
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But that hasn't stopped the self-taught rocket engineer from building a rocket - his third, at the very least - a manned aircraft that he will launch himself in Saturday, Nov.
Also this week, a tribute to Elvis Presley on the 40th anniversary of his death and Elin meets passionate Welshman and rocket engineer Rob Jones from Alabama.
These striking qualities of an endearing human being with a self effacing nature were evident when I met him for the first time in July 1980 moments after his very first crowning moments of triumph as a rocket engineer after the launch of the SLV -3 successfully from the Sriharikota space station.
Most were engineers, as was Werner von Braun (a brilliant rocket engineer and manager of engineers) and his brother, Magnus.
Narrated by its two main characters: a Southern California Bikini Model turned Call Girl, and a burned-out middle-aged Rocket Engineer, the reader gets an inside look into their unlikely but true relationship that leads them to places that neither had planned on when they first met.
The university's team, named Team HARE, invited representatives from The Bloodhound Project - UK Education Director Jonathan Ellis and rocket engineer Daniel Jubb - to unveil this year's vehicle, which bears the name HARE 13.
It doesn't take a rocket engineer to figure that out.
You don't need to be a rocket engineer to figure that out.
The plants would be much smaller and less expensive," Kirk Sorensen, a former NASA rocket engineer and now chief nuclear technologist at Teledyne Brown Engineering, told the UK's Telegraph last year.
An inquest was held last week at Hartlepool Coroner's Court into the death of Mr Bagley, a rocket engineer.
As well as the heroism of Gagarin, Russia is also remembering the genius of the man who created the rocket that put him into space and masterminded the flight -- chief Soviet rocket engineer Sergei Korolev.
The event was designed as a full day of hands-on, interactive Stem educational experiences for the 175 12- and 13-year-old students and the 200 primary school pupils, introducing them all to the engineering behind Bloodhound through talks by rocket engineer Daniel Jubb, and getting up close to the life-size show car.