rocket propellent

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Noun1.rocket propellent - an explosive charge that propels a rocketrocket propellent - an explosive charge that propels a rocket
burster, bursting charge, explosive charge, charge - a quantity of explosive to be set off at one time; "this cartridge has a powder charge of 50 grains"
propellant, propellent - any substance that propels
hydrazine - a colorless fuming corrosive liquid; a powerful reducing agent; used chiefly in rocket fuels
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The ERV runs a pump to suck in the Martian air - mostly carbon dioxide, which reacts with a small amount of hydrogen already on board to produce a large supply of methane-oxygen rocket propellent.
The B-29 crew had to jettison the Skyrocket, after the D-558-II pilot, Jack McKay, had radioed to abort the mission because of problems pressurizing his rocket propellent tanks.
One event that does produce UV, however, is the burning of solid rocket propellent.