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rock hound

n. Informal
1. One who specializes in geology.
2. One who collects rocks and minerals, especially gemstones, as a hobby.

rock′ hound′ing, rock′hound′ing (rŏk′houn′dĭng) n.


the activity of searching for and collecting rocks
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We've been into geocaching for a few years now, and recently we've gotten into rockhounding.
It is the work of a dedicated amateur from the rockhounding tradition.
This colorful volume on rockhounding explores the recreational collecting of meteorite samples and provides an illustrated guide to many types of extra-terrestrial rocks and minerals that can be found around the globe.
You can tailor your summer holiday towards your interest in the chemical sciences by going rockhounding in Ontario, flying to Switzerland--and back in time--to discover revolutionary physics with Albert Einstein, taking a historical tour of the war efforts in nuclear chemistry in the western U.
Rockhounding isn't just about finding cool new rocks.
That's where both Ciaran and Rachel got hooked on rockhounding.
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I would like to persuade Pat to go rockhounding again, but I don't know that I'll have much luck.
Recreation may be our favorite use for wilderness (the act permits hiking, horse riding, fishing, hunting, camping, rockhounding, and nonmotorized boating), but the act defines more profound reasons for leaving lands wild: protection of watersheds, habitat for wildlife, genetic pools for plants and animals.
Rockhounding Oregon: A Guide to the State's Best Rockhounding Sites