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Used especially in radio communications to indicate receipt of a message.
tr.v. rog·ered, rog·er·ing, rog·ers Chiefly British Vulgar Slang
To have sexual intercourse with (a woman). Used of a man.

[From Roger, spoken representation of the letter r, short for received. V., from Roger, penis, from the name Roger.]


1. (Telecommunications) (used in signalling, telecommunications, etc) message received. Compare wilco
2. an expression of agreement
slang (of a man) to copulate (with)
[C20: from the name Roger, representing R for received]
Usage: The verb sense of this word was formerly considered to be taboo, and it is labelled as such in older editions of Collins English Dictionary. However, it has now become acceptable in speech, although some older or more conservative people may object to its use


(ˈrɒdʒ ər)

1. Informal. all right; OK.
2. message received and understood (a response to radio communications).
[1940–45; from the name Roger; in definition 2 representing r(eceived)]


Past participle: rogered
Gerund: rogering

I roger
you roger
he/she/it rogers
we roger
you roger
they roger
I rogered
you rogered
he/she/it rogered
we rogered
you rogered
they rogered
Present Continuous
I am rogering
you are rogering
he/she/it is rogering
we are rogering
you are rogering
they are rogering
Present Perfect
I have rogered
you have rogered
he/she/it has rogered
we have rogered
you have rogered
they have rogered
Past Continuous
I was rogering
you were rogering
he/she/it was rogering
we were rogering
you were rogering
they were rogering
Past Perfect
I had rogered
you had rogered
he/she/it had rogered
we had rogered
you had rogered
they had rogered
I will roger
you will roger
he/she/it will roger
we will roger
you will roger
they will roger
Future Perfect
I will have rogered
you will have rogered
he/she/it will have rogered
we will have rogered
you will have rogered
they will have rogered
Future Continuous
I will be rogering
you will be rogering
he/she/it will be rogering
we will be rogering
you will be rogering
they will be rogering
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been rogering
you have been rogering
he/she/it has been rogering
we have been rogering
you have been rogering
they have been rogering
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been rogering
you will have been rogering
he/she/it will have been rogering
we will have been rogering
you will have been rogering
they will have been rogering
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been rogering
you had been rogering
he/she/it had been rogering
we had been rogering
you had been rogering
they had been rogering
I would roger
you would roger
he/she/it would roger
we would roger
you would roger
they would roger
Past Conditional
I would have rogered
you would have rogered
he/she/it would have rogered
we would have rogered
you would have rogered
they would have rogered
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[ˈrɒdʒəʳ] NRogelio
Roger! (Telec etc) → ¡bien!, ¡de acuerdo!


[ˈrɒdʒəʳ] VTjoder


interj “roger”„verstanden“
References in classic literature ?
And now, Mistress Prynne," said old Roger Chillingworth, as he was hereafter to be named, "I leave thee alone: alone with thy infant and the scarlet letter
The virtuous servant, Roger Cly, swore his way through the case at a great rate.
At such a time I found out for certain, that this bleak place overgrown with nettles was the churchyard; and that Philip Pirrip, late of this parish, and also Georgiana wife of the above, were dead and buried; and that Alexander, Bartholomew, Abraham, Tobias, and Roger, infant children of the aforesaid, were also dead and buried; and that the dark flat wilderness beyond the churchyard, intersected with dykes and mounds and gates, with scattered cattle feeding on it, was the marshes; and that the low leaden line beyond, was the river; and that the distant savage lair from which the wind was rushing, was the sea; and that the small bundle of shivers growing afraid of it all and beginning to cry, was Pip.
But Solomon was already impatient to prelude again, and presently broke with much spirit into "Sir Roger de Coverley", at which there was a sound of chairs pushed back, and laughing voices.
The castle and town of Ashby, at this time, belonged to Roger de Quincy, Earl of Winchester, who, during the period of our history, was absent in the Holy Land.
Why, in a place like this, where nobody puts in but gen'lemen of fortune, Silver would fly the Jolly Roger, you don't make no doubt of that.
He clung to one idea -- that of his happiness, destroyed, without apparent cause, by an unheard-of fatality; he considered and reconsidered this idea, devoured it (so to speak), as the implacable Ugolino devours the skull of Archbishop Roger in the Inferno of Dante.
In case I am killed, the captain's name is Roger and the skiff is called the Lightning.
The Governor hath his health, worshipful Sir," answered Roger Williams, now resuming his staff, and drawing near.
Peter Palfrey, Roger Conant, and one or two more had built houses there in 1626, and may be considered as the first settlers of that ancient town.
And for a monument, here is this gray rock, on which my dying hand shall carve the name of Roger Malvin, and the traveller in days to come will know that here sleeps a hunter and a warrior.
By experience," says Roger Ascham, "we find out a short way by a long wandering.