rogue elephant

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rogue′ el′ephant

a vicious elephant that roams alone.
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Noun1.rogue elephant - a wild and vicious elephant separated from the herd
elephant - five-toed pachyderm
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The title Rogue Elephant is almost a certain reference to the Indian economy's image of a lumbering elephant, an elephant that's gone rogue in the sense of no longer shining and no longer being the flavour of the month in Davos, or wherever.
He recalls listening to Dave Schmeidler, "Skyrats Scraps," HDS, 2002; Ensemble Ambrosius, "The Zappa Album," Musical Heritage Society, 2001; Yo-Yo Ma, Edgar Meyer, Mark O'Connor, "Appalachia Waltz," Sony Classical, 1996; Pat O'Connell, "Tikal," Rogue Elephant Music, 2000; Prasanna, "Peaceful," Susila Music, 2001; and John Zorn (performed by Rashanim), "Masada Rock," Tzadik, 2005.
Trying to prevent mismanagement by these politicians is like trying to stop a rogue elephant with marshmallow.
A pensioner who was playing boulles has died after he was attacked by a rogue elephant that had escaped from a circus.
In the programme, starring Alison Steadman as retired Coventry lollipop lady Pauline Paradise, the rogue elephant is shown doing a ballet-flamenco routine on the Ricoh touchline during matches.
Rangers hunting the rogue elephant, which is responsible for killing a dozen people, have released a female elephant into his path in a bid to lure him into a honey trap.
The EoACAygrand old party' will lumber around like a rogue elephant for a while yet, as it struggles to find a way to respond to the demographic changes in the US which has created new, influential voting blocs while maintaining its traditionally conservative support base.
Derrida claims that "there are only rogue states" because every assertion of sovereignty is itself founded in illegality, but just as an animal may be wild without becoming rogue, the sovereign may be rogue without being a rogue sovereign (in the sense of being a rogue even among sovereigns, in the way that a rogue elephant is a rogue among wild elephants).
He does well to dispel the myth of the Agency as a rogue elephant, running untethered with an agenda of its own.
The councillors are right to insist that they want to be sure that academy school operate in the wider community interest as part of the general plan, rather than as some sort of rogue elephant.
AUTHORITIES in India's remote north-east have given orders to kill a rogue elephant blamed for 14 deaths in two years and nicknamed Laden by fearful villagers, after the al Qaida leader.
If it is a rogue elephant it may do this again, but we don't have any information on whether it is or not.