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intr.v. rois·tered, rois·ter·ing, rois·ters
1. To engage in boisterous merrymaking; revel noisily.
2. To behave in a blustering manner; swagger.

[From obsolete roister, roisterer, probably from Old French rustre, ruffian, alteration of ruste, from Latin rūsticus, rustic; see rustic.]

rois′ter·er n.
rois′ter·ous adj.
rois′ter·ous·ly adv.


vb (intr)
1. to engage in noisy merrymaking; revel
2. to brag, bluster, or swagger
[C16: from Old French rustre lout, from ruste uncouth, from Latin rusticus rural; see rustic]
ˈroisterer n
ˈroisterous adj
ˈroisterously adv


(ˈrɔɪ stər)

1. to act in a swaggering, boisterous, or uproarious manner.
2. to revel noisily or without restraint.
[1545–55; v. use of roister (n.) < Middle French ru(i)stre ruffian, boor, variant of ru(i)ste rustic]
roist′er•er, n.
roist′er•ous, adj.
roist′er•ous•ly, adv.


Past participle: roistered
Gerund: roistering

I roister
you roister
he/she/it roisters
we roister
you roister
they roister
I roistered
you roistered
he/she/it roistered
we roistered
you roistered
they roistered
Present Continuous
I am roistering
you are roistering
he/she/it is roistering
we are roistering
you are roistering
they are roistering
Present Perfect
I have roistered
you have roistered
he/she/it has roistered
we have roistered
you have roistered
they have roistered
Past Continuous
I was roistering
you were roistering
he/she/it was roistering
we were roistering
you were roistering
they were roistering
Past Perfect
I had roistered
you had roistered
he/she/it had roistered
we had roistered
you had roistered
they had roistered
I will roister
you will roister
he/she/it will roister
we will roister
you will roister
they will roister
Future Perfect
I will have roistered
you will have roistered
he/she/it will have roistered
we will have roistered
you will have roistered
they will have roistered
Future Continuous
I will be roistering
you will be roistering
he/she/it will be roistering
we will be roistering
you will be roistering
they will be roistering
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been roistering
you have been roistering
he/she/it has been roistering
we have been roistering
you have been roistering
they have been roistering
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been roistering
you will have been roistering
he/she/it will have been roistering
we will have been roistering
you will have been roistering
they will have been roistering
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been roistering
you had been roistering
he/she/it had been roistering
we had been roistering
you had been roistering
they had been roistering
I would roister
you would roister
he/she/it would roister
we would roister
you would roister
they would roister
Past Conditional
I would have roistered
you would have roistered
he/she/it would have roistered
we would have roistered
you would have roistered
they would have roistered
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Verb1.roister - engage in boisterous, drunken merrymaking; "They were out carousing last night"
jollify, make happy, make merry, make whoopie, racket, wassail, whoop it up, revel - celebrate noisily, often indulging in drinking; engage in uproarious festivities; "The members of the wedding party made merry all night"; "Let's whoop it up--the boss is gone!"




[ˈrɔɪstəʳ] VIjaranear


vi (= revel)herumtollen
References in classic literature ?
His excitability and his roisterous enthusiasm made them laugh.
reave thieve recreation relaxation redound rebound reel wheel regime scheme rein constrain relish embellish retardation deceleration rim brim 3 ring ding ping ritual habitual roast toast roil embroil roisterous boisterous roll scroll rook crook rough tough roundly soundly rout wipeout rub scrub rumble grumble rush gush Scam flimflam scheme dream sectility cuttability seller storyteller (pun
It ended in a rousing, roisterous nail biting finish in a victory for Trinity (18-13) but aggregating a tie (35 each).
And no one gets this great orchestra to play better: the winds, in Verdi's magical scoring, were a particular delight--and one of the few criticisms I can make of Carsen's staging is that the roisterous onstage antics occasionally obscure the instrumental felicities.
8226; • Those who prefer night life will enjoy "Diamond Lil" starring actress Darlene Violette — — and the roisterous cast who brought the Bowery denizens and Suicide Hall's ne'er-do-wells to life — — now onstage with performances at Don't Tell Mama [343 W.
Trexler's finely drawn posters for those shows (for which he was paid partly in bags of weed) are part of the Cockettes legend, not least because they lend an air of Art Nouveau refinement to the roisterous proceedings.
Think of the Skee Ball machines in Seaside where, for 50 cents, you can stand in a roisterous arcade and roll nine smooth wooden balls up a rickety ramp.
The example of young larrikin women also attests, in turn, to the continuing significance of this roisterous libertinism among lower working-class youth at the turn of the century.
Minstrelsy's combination of roisterous character-songs, sentimental ballads, comic sketches and hilarious burlesques appealed to diverse audiences in Australia--decidedly more diverse than in North America or England.
It's very challenging," he said, dropping into that slow, deep-whispered voice he uses for emphasis before exploding, clap-hands, into a roisterous bellow, "but hey, we will crack it.
Graham--sadly all dead, but incorporating their own words, are usefully presented in boxes, as is a poem by Vicki Feaver inspired by Hilton's roisterous Oi Yoi Yoi (1963).
But aside from all the glories of the speculative science and math and interdimensional jaunts (and the otherworld where Bela and Alma and Paul end up, La Hampa, is a heavy trip I haven't even tried to describe), what we have here is a rollicking, roisterous, (ir-)reverent campus novel.