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The acting out of a behavioral role or assumed character, as in therapy or education to expand awareness of differing points of view, or in certain games.


(Psychology) psychol activity in which a person imitates, consciously or unconsciously, a role uncharacteristic of himself or herself. See also psychodrama


1. modification of one's behavior to accord with a desired personal image, as to impress others or conform to a particular environment.
2. a method of psychotherapy aimed at changing attitudes and behavior, in which participants act out designated roles relevant to real-life situations.
role′-play`, v.t., v.i.
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Alexander MEhlen presents readers with a series of role-playing exercises, designed for in-class use to train business students and potential diplomats in the fine art of negotiation.
Part of the Libraries Unlimited Professional Guides for Young Adult Librarians Series, intended especially for librarians specializing in collections that serve teens and young adults, Dragons in the Stacks: A Teen Librarian's Guide to Tabletop Role-Playing demystifies pen-and-paper table-top role-playing games.
We argue that role-playing pedagogy with an explicit focus on cognitive engagement--what we call critical role-play--can be a valuable addition to the English for academic purposes (EAP) curriculum.
Computer role-playing games have moved the traditional board game to the desktop, and includes a cast of popular games: while many books cover rules and playing, few provide the essential overall history of the genre's development and evolutionary process.
Sloppy set-ups are often at the heart of the problem with prejudice and the understandable anxiety around role-playing, especially in front of your peers.
The IRS's "Reaching Agreements" course combine book learning (complete with homework) and role-playing exercises to turn the theory of "Getting to Yes" (from the nearly iconic book by Roger Fisher, William Ury, and Bruce Patton, which serves as the textbook) into practice.
sued the school district arguing that a course on Islam indoctrinated students in that faith by having them engage in role-playing.
What is amazing is how little monitoring and role-playing we actually have to do," said Ani Naccachian, the owner and president of Paragon.
The role-playing process starts with an examination of the job.
This is a fast read with plenty of action, and I'm sure it makes total sense to people who enjoy role-playing games.