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Noun1.roleplaying - acting a particular role (as in psychotherapy)
acting, performing, playacting, playing - the performance of a part or role in a drama
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Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a medieval roleplaying game paid for by a massive PS1,106,371 that was crowd funded via Kickstarter back in 2014.
The Program will teach children about the importance of savings, techniques of managing day-to-day transactions, handling cash and much more using the medium of music and other engaging activities along with roleplaying.
The Malta Comic Con is a two-day convention that celebrates comic creators, comics, books, TV series, video games, roleplaying games, cosplay and virtually anything related to comic culture and pop culture.
Online entertainment service provider Electronics Extreme and its partner ELITE has just announced the Open Beta testing (OBT) period for massively-multiplayer online roleplaying game Ragnarok Online.
But it wasn't just all about cosplay, gaming highlights included video gaming tournaments with cash prizes, roleplaying games, TCGing tournaments and boardgaming.
Police Chief Tom Lewis said the shooting happened Tuesday night as two of the 35 participants were randomly selected to take part in a live roleplaying scenario "in which they make decisions on using simulated lethal force.
Featuring gorgeous, full-color artwork, World of Warcraft Chronicle Volume 1 is a coffee-table book detailing the fantastic history and lore of Azeroth, the setting of the Warcraft real-time strategy games and the long-running, multiplayer computer roleplaying game World of Warcraft.
Featuring sexy, entertaining and safe sex-promoting imagery including condoms, lingerie, roleplaying scenarios, locations for sex and more, the app offers a playful way for users to connect with current and potential partners.
3K can refer to 3Kingdoms, a text-based online roleplaying game, a digital video resolution of 3072 x 1728, Python 3K which is the 3.
Chapters focus on the standards that drive an assessment culture, early assessments, assessing students with special needs, learning through assessment, self and peer assessment, mind mapping, roleplaying, etc.
It provides a secure setting for 4-14 years old children, giving them the opportunity to spend wonderful times with their favorite game; roleplaying and mimicking adult occupations.
I knew very little of XCOM: Enemy Unknown except that it was a "turn-based tactical roleplaying action shooter".