roll of tobacco

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Noun1.roll of tobacco - tobacco leaves that have been made into a cylinder
cigar - a roll of tobacco for smoking
cigaret, cigarette, coffin nail, fag, butt - finely ground tobacco wrapped in paper; for smoking
baccy, tobacco - leaves of the tobacco plant dried and prepared for smoking or ingestion
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A consumer-rolled, roll-your-own cigarette is a cigarette under section 900(3) [of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act] because it is a wrapped roll of tobacco," the FDA said in a statement.
Now, the 61-year-old secretary, from Childwall, crinkles up her face with disgust at the mere sight of a roll of tobacco between a youngster's lips.
But why aren't Ralph Nader, the Food and Drug Administration, state governments and the media equally critical of the roll of tobacco farmers, the supermarkets and the mom-and-pop corner stores that either grow the base product or actually distribute the death sticks to the public?