rolling wave

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Noun1.rolling wave - a long heavy sea wave as it advances towards the shorerolling wave - a long heavy sea wave as it advances towards the shore
moving ridge, wave - one of a series of ridges that moves across the surface of a liquid (especially across a large body of water)
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High is the grove of their masts, as they nod by turns on the rolling wave.
It was as if we were bathers, up to our shoulders in water, who suddenly are submerged by a rolling wave.
The great wall of vegetation, an exuberant and entangled mass of trunks, branches, leaves, boughs, festoons, motionless in the moonlight, was like a rioting invasion of soundless life, a rolling wave of plants, piled up, crested, ready to topple over the creek, to sweep every little man of us out of his little existence.
All eyes were strained after the little bark as it pulled for shore, rising and sinking with the huge rolling waves, until it entered, a mere speck, among the foaming breakers, and was soon lost to view.
Her sharp, steep prow cut through the river-water and sent two rolling waves to right and to left of us.
Laying into their raucous set, band members Samuel Thomas Fryer, Chilli Jesson, Jeffrey Peter Mayhew and William Martin Doyle had fans dangling like puppets waiting for the next chorus before collapsing onto each other in a half mosh pit, half rolling wave.
witnessed a rolling wave of fire romping up the sides of the building as ignition of individual panels dominoed; fortunately no fatalities resulted
The rolling wave of darkness was intended to boost the environmental movement after disappointing UN talks in Copenhagen in December.
O'Brien had to sit tight on No Panic at the last hurdle as the five-year-old jumped very big and landed awkwardly, before thwarting Rolling Wave.
The vehicles float on a cushion of magnetism and surfs on a rolling wave of electricity," he said.
Even small, isolated countries like Bolivia have been affected by the rolling wave of easy credit and bankruptcy.
The company's popular gift box line of 10-flavour, 20-flavour and 40-flavour Jelly Belly boxes feature a rocking and rolling wave of colourful jellybeans on the lid.