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n. pl. rollmops
A marinated fillet of herring wrapped around a pickle or an onion and served as an hors d'oeuvre.

[German : rollen, to roll (from Middle High German, from Old French roler; see roll) + Mops, blockhead, pug dog (from Low German; akin to Dutch moppen, to make a sour face).]
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Noun1.rollmops - a pickled herring filet that has been rolled or wrapped around a pickle
hors d'oeuvre - a dish served as an appetizer before the main meal
pickled herring - herring preserved in a pickling liquid (usually brine or vinegar)
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e Who requested 100 large clean bath towels, along with an urn of organic chicken and vegetable soup, organic anchovies and rollmops and power to run hairdryers and an iron when they played in Liverpool.
95 Sticky toffee Cheesecake -PS2 x Peroni - PS7 My seafood salad was packed with prawns and mussels and had the strong, dill-heavy taste of pickled rollmops - one of my favourites, but not for everyone.
SAINT: Herring rollmops with onion, Asda, 137 cals per 100g.
Mark ordered homemade herring rollmops with new potato and wholegrain mustard salad.
The rollmops had a sweet tenderness and the pickle wasn't too salty.