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Noun1.romanticisation - the act of indulging in sentiment
idealization, glorification, idealisation - a portrayal of something as ideal; "the idealization of rural life was very misleading"
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This is not to say that literature should be a facsimile of reality; nevertheless, literature does reflect and perpetuate social attitudes, and such Western romanticisation and reductionism can function to enforce damaging imperialistic conceptions (Said).
Romanticisation of Ireland and Irishness has been one of the pitfalls of the modern Irish state, and one which many writers and musicians have resisted.
Some professionals believe this has led to the romanticisation of suicide, especially among young people.
There was a sense of a romanticisation of the nature lived in naturally by indigenous peoples and a 'longing' for pure environments.
This ideological exegesis and romanticisation of stillborn "indigenous nationalism" (Nossiter 2012) reflects Achebe's nostalgia for the definite historical moment and experiences it attempts to relive.
It must be stated that this approach does not lead to romanticisation.
Adams says: "Garner has been one of the very few artists able to tackle the effects of industrialisation in Welsh visual art without romanticisation and such work as A Is For Aberfan and Last Punch Of The Clock can plausibly be considered the visual equivalent of Wales' Literature of the Scars of the People.
In 1907 British officer Colonel Claude Jacob raised a regiment made up solely of Hazaras, who had developed a reputation for martial strength, perhaps based on a romanticisation of their possible lineage to Genghis Khan.
Apart from the romanticisation around revolutionary promise the kambo and its inhabitants attracted no further interrogation from the Khartoum crowd, exception being to my knowledge the 1982 PhD thesis of Tayseer Mohamed Ali 'The Cultivation of Hunger: Towards the Political Economy of Agricultural Development in Sudan'.
The flip-side of this point about the romanticisation of the Liberal Party would be the positive case for the Labour Party as the predominant party of the left in British politics.
Renewed Western fascination with, and romanticisation of, indigenous cultures and the attention boom in cultural tourism encouraged the assertion of Khoe-San identity.
At a multitude of levels, however, there is a simplicity to Jameson's ideas that is complicit with his romanticisation of the deep modern subject.