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 (rŏn′dəl, rŏn-dĕl′)
1. A poem similar to a rondeau, having 13 or 14 lines with two rhymes throughout. The first and second lines reappear in the middle and at the end, although sometimes only the first line appears at the end.
2. often ron·delle (rŏn-dĕl′) A rounded or circular object.

[Middle English, from Old French, diminutive of ronde, circle, round; see round1.]


1. (Poetry) a rondeau consisting of three stanzas of 13 or 14 lines with a two-line refrain appearing twice or three times
2. (Dancing) a figure in Scottish country dancing by means of which couples change position in the set
[C14: from Old French, literally: a little circle, from rond round]


(ˈrɒn dl, rɒnˈdɛl)

a short poem usu. of 14 lines on two rhymes, with the initial couplet repeated in the middle and at the end.
[1250–1300; < Old French rondel, diminutive of rond round1]
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Noun1.rondel - a French verse form of 10 or 13 lines running on two rhymes; the opening phrase is repeated as the refrain of the second and third stanzas
poem, verse form - a composition written in metrical feet forming rhythmical lines
roundel - English form of rondeau having three triplets with a refrain after the first and third
rondelet - a shorter form of rondeau
References in classic literature ?
I tell you, my fair lord," she was saying, "that it is no fit training for a demoiselle: hawks and hounds, rotes and citoles singing a French rondel, or reading the Gestes de Doon de Mayence, as I found her yesternight, pretending sleep, the artful, with the corner of the scroll thrusting forth from under her pillow.
I remember well that, at the siege of Retters, there was a little, sleek, fat clerk of the name of Chaucer, who was so apt at rondel, sirvente, or tonson, that no man dare give back a foot from the walls, lest he find it all set down in his rhymes and sung by every underling and varlet in the camp.
To quote Councillor Margaret Alexander: "I have been in touch with the elderly people who formerly went to Rondel House.
Mr Titchener added, 'The circumstances go back a number of years and relate to cats owned by Mrs Rondel and pigeons owned by Mr Stockton.
Michael Stockton was cleared of murdering Wrexham mum-of-two of Susan Rondel.
Michael Stockton, a pigeon fancier, from Audley, north Staffordshire, admitted killing Susan Rondel but his legal team argue he was provoked.
For instance, the average speed on Avenida Rondel dropped from 38 mph to 28 mph, and the number of vehicles traveling more than 10 mph over the speed limit dropped ``significantly,'' Yi said.
com is one of the most rewarding applications we've seen for Conversa technology," says Steve Rondel, Chairman and CEO of Conversa.
Its platform portability complements our own efforts to make Conversational Computing(R) available on many different systems," says Steve Rondel, chairman and CEO of Conversational Computing Corp.
At the Austrian Glaubendorf 2 rondel the equinoctial sun settings could have been seen along the western causeway (Neubauer 2005: 56; Figure 2).
After a Boxing Day booze binge Michael Stockton used a legally-held shotgun to blast his way into the home of mum-of-two Susan Rondel, from Wrexham.
Michael Stockton, a pigeon fancier, from Audley, north Staffordshire, has admitted killing Susan Rondel but his legal team have argued that he was provoked.