Roof plate

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cantilever beam and roof plate made of concrete, new construction of ortbetonstand bodies with stairs and lateral termination.
University spokesman Tobin Klinger said the object that struck Anderson was a stadium roof plate.
Also, your plywood should extend 3 1/2 inches beyond the top roof plate and the slanted front wall, as shown in the illustration on Page 47.
The Eukaia skull roof plate pattern is simple, resembling that of actinolepidoids, such as Baringaspis (Miles 1973) and Actinolepis (Mark-Kurik 1973), but the anterior part of the skull roof is only slightly narrower than the posterior part.
In contrast, in the pathogenesis of MIH it is the embryonic roof plate that is involved.
The topping up of The Buildings by Daman took more than 448 m3 of special concrete mix pumped up 224 metres above the ground level and poured across a roof plate area of 1,410 sqm, bringing the overall concrete quantity poured into the building, inclusive of the roof slab, up to 20,527 m3.
To detach the vulnerable structure from the wet ground, the floor plate could be raised on sleeper walls supported by economical strip foundations, and the roof plate held in position by temporary internal timber scaffolding until the entire studwork was complete.
Tenders are invited for Repairing work of roof plate front wall machine room gate and roof supporting channel angle of idm 70e iv drill machine
A horizontal structural assembly called a roof plate is laid on top of the bale walls to bear and distribute the weight of the roof.
Nail a 2x6 roof plate seen in Photo 12) between the end of the ridge board and the last full-length rafter installed.