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 (ro͞o′fər, ro͝of′ər)
One who lays or repairs roofs.


(ˈru fər, ˈrʊf ər)

a person who makes or repairs roofs.
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Noun1.roofer - a craftsman who lays or repairs roofsroofer - a craftsman who lays or repairs roofs
artisan, journeyman, artificer, craftsman - a skilled worker who practices some trade or handicraft
thatcher - someone skilled in making a roof from plant stalks or foliage


[ˈruːfər] ncouvreur/euse m/froof garden ntoit-terrasse mroof rack ngalerie froof space ncombles mpl


nDachdecker(in) m(f)
References in classic literature ?
If there had been a ladder applied to the front of the house, even one of the vertiginous perpendiculars employed by painters and roofers and sometimes left standing overnight, he would have managed somehow, astride of the window-sill, to compass by outstretched leg and arm that mode of descent.
But if you spoke about the lead and have witnesses, negotiate with the roofer.
Tenders are invited for Replacement building for old stock kita "arche", cultivation of 2 elementary groups, 2 family groups, bissenmoorweg 23, 24576 bad bramstedt, trade 007 - roofer / roof plumber
A ROOFER has had been left to pay a "small fortune" to continue working after thieves broke into his van to steal more than PS1,000 worth of equipment.
Stephen Stanson said he was walking along the pavement in the city's Jute Street on Wednesday when roofer Joe landed yards from him after falling over a hand-rail on the scaffolding.
A bogus roofer conned Derrick Hepworth, 86, into believing he was the boss of the firm working on his Cleckheaton home.
The group needs a quote from a roofer to be able to gain extra funds as part of their ongoing appeal.
I was a roofer myself and that's a tough job, lifting scaffolding up and down all day.
Richie was a roofer and was a member of the Roofers and Waterproofers Local 33.
London, July 16 ( ANI ): Roofer Keith Saunders recently smashed the world record for ladder climbing at Salisbury Fire Station.
A roofer was hired to seal the tar between the deck and the building.
Also tying the knot yesterday was TV beauty Melanie Sykes, 42 - with roofer Jack Cockings, 27, in Sherborne, Dorset.