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 (ro͞o′mē, ro͝om′ē)
n. Informal
A roommate.


informal US a roommate


or room•y

(ˈru mi, ˈrʊm i)

n., pl. room•ies.
Informal. roommate.
[1915–20, Amer.; by shortening; see -ie]
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Noun1.roomie - an associate who shares a room with youroomie - an associate who shares a room with you
friend - a person you know well and regard with affection and trust; "he was my best friend at the university"
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JEFF HENDRICK has revealed how roomie Robbie Brady was rooting for a goal in the build up to Friday's Play-off clash in Bosnia.
Jonathan Stickland, a Bedford Republican and a beneficiary of Empower Texans' support, blame Paxton's former roomie, state Rep.
My roomie Stephen McIlhone merits a mention and that offer of moving into his spare room was above and beyond.
In order to have a functional and smooth time, make sure you act/speak in ways that promote balance and understanding when rooming with a roomie.
Nolan Ross (Gabriel Mann) has become a close friend and ally of Victoria's asylum roomie, Elena Satine's Louise Ellis.
Founder of major A/V furniture maker Sanus, Jim Wohlford has returned to the home technology biz by acquiring a stake in Roomie Remote, maker of DIY software-based smart home systems.
The young couple can then be angry with the mom, not the new roomie.
The fourth is Roomie which is an app aimed at helping people looking for a spare room to rent to identify potential housemates.
I was speaking to Mike Brown who is my roomie and kind of my mentor on this tour.
He's my roomie, we share a flat and it's good to see another North Walian in the side, and doing so well.