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 (rō′kə-lôr′, rŏk′ə-)
A knee-length cloak lined with brightly colored silk and often trimmed with fur that was worn by European men in the 1700s.

[After Antoine Gaston Jean Baptiste, Duc de Roquelaure (1656-1738), French marshal.]


(Clothing & Fashion) a man's hooded knee-length cloak of the 18th and 19th centuries
[C18: from French, named after the Duc de Roquelaure (1656–1738), French marshal]


(ˌrɒk əˈlɔr, -ˈloʊr, ˌroʊ kə-)

a knee-length cloak, worn by men in the 18th century.
[1710–20; after the Duc de Roquelaure (1656–1738), French marshal]
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