rose bed

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Noun1.rose bed - a flower bed in which roses are growingrose bed - a flower bed in which roses are growing
bed of flowers, flower bed, flowerbed - a bed in which flowers are growing
rose garden - a garden for growing roses
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The hollyhocks and lilies (now flourishing) are still under the south windows in a narrow border on the top of a grass slope, at the foot of which I have sown two long borders of sweetpeas facing the rose beds, so that my roses may have something almost as sweet as themselves to look at until the autumn, when everything is to make place for more tea-roses.
Think beyond the confines of the regimented traditional rose bed and explore the many uses of these beautiful plants.
After pruning, weed the rose bed and spray the plants with a fungicide as a precaution against mildew and blackspot.
A sunken rose bed and finely stocked shrub and flower beds complete a charming and relaxed area.
October is the best month to prepare a new rose bed for planting bare-rooted varieties, available from garden centres in November, even earlier.
The gardens include a wide paved sun terrace with rose bed and pond and former tennis lawn.
Make a rose bed and dig a hole 30-45cm wide and 60cm deep in a sunny, weed-free spot where roses have not been grown before.
The front of the property has a garden with planted trees, rose bed and pathway.
flowers, flowers, right right The former rose bed is now a vegetable garden but some of its previous occupants inhabit other areas.
On Mother's Day Sunday, before church, I would go with my grandmother to her rose bed where we cut red and white roses.
Pretty framed embroidery and rose bed linen look feminine and romantic rather than old-fashioned and fusty.