rose-colored glasses

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rose′-col`ored glass′es

(used with a pl. v.) a cheerful or optimistic, esp. overly optimistic view of things.
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Remove the rose-colored glasses before that next big decision or major initiative.
As I put on my rose-colored glasses, I hope this restructuring encourages the system at large to coordinate care better, to improve our information systems to share relevant clinical data, and to encourage quality improvement at the practice level so that we move toward improved outcomes for our patient populations.
They look at America's past through rose-colored glasses and want what (in their mind) was.
It's somewhat of a tradition to look at American life through rose-colored glasses, and parents have long been on the forefront of this tendency.
Viewed through rose-colored glasses, a local option levy has an element of equity: Those who were hit hardest when the real estate bubble burst in 2008 pay the least.
Most people tend to see the world and themselves through rose-colored glasses.
But some members of the media who see everything through rose-colored glasses insist on claiming that the terrorist organization is only taking steps under state control.
In her new memoir, entitled "The Kennedy Chronicles: The Golden Age of MTV Through Rose-Colored Glasses," Kennedy claims that Jordan tried to negotiate a sexual encounter based on the results of a 1995 dice game, according to an excerpt obtained by (http://www.
New research at Carnegie Mellon University finds that the workings of memory seem to filter our view of the past with rose-colored glasses, biasing what we remember in ways that profoundly impact how we evaluate the past in comparison to the present.
See the world through rose-colored glasses with one of Bella Notte's newest colors .
It is easy to look back on the past through rose-colored glasses and to rejoice and be thankful for the bounty God provided then.
In reference to local production of automobiles, we do not want a report that sees things through rose-colored glasses.