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n. pl. ros·tel·la (rŏ-stĕl′ə)
A small beaklike part, such as a projection on the stigma of an orchid or the hooked projection on the head of a tapeworm.

[Latin, diminutive of rōstrum, beak; see rostrum.]

ros·tel′lar adj.
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solium from the other 2 species is a double crown of rostellar hooks, which can be easily observed by microscopy in adult and larval stages; these hooks are absent in T.
Microscopic examination of a single scolex revealed 4 suckers and two circles of typical taenid rostellar hooks (Fig.
Morphometry of Protoscoleces rostellar hooks of Echinococcus granulosus isolates from Punjab Pakistan.
vogeli protoscolices were identified according to the shape and size of rostellar hooks (6).