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n. pl. ros·tel·la (rŏ-stĕl′ə)
A small beaklike part, such as a projection on the stigma of an orchid or the hooked projection on the head of a tapeworm.

[Latin, diminutive of rōstrum, beak; see rostrum.]

ros·tel′lar adj.
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vogeli protoscolices were identified according to the shape and size of rostellar hooks (6).
All Echinococcus species can be distinguished by the size and form of their rostellar hooks from protoscolices (1); for protoscolices from the patient reported here, the mean lengths of the small and large hooks were 34 and 43 pm, respectively.
Members of the newly proposed genus Versteria have morphologic features that distinguish them from members of the other taeniid genera, such as miniature rostellar hooks, small scolex, rostellum, and suckers; a short strobili; and a small number of testes (1).