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 (rŏs′trəm, rô′strəm)
n. pl. ros·trums or ros·tra (rŏs′trə, rô′strə)
1. A dais, pulpit, or other elevated platform for public speaking.
a. The curved, beaklike prow of an ancient Roman ship, especially a war galley.
b. The speaker's platform in an ancient Roman forum, which was decorated with the prows of captured enemy ships.
3. Biology A beaklike projection, especially:
a. An anterior projection of an insect's or an arachnid's mouthparts, of the upper jaw of a cetacean, or of the cephalothorax of a crustacean.
b. A beaklike projection of a plant part, as the fruit of a geranium.

[Latin rōstrum, beak; see rēd- in Indo-European roots.]
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A large fossil skull and several rostra of Makaira nigricans Lacepede, 1802 (Perciformes: Istiophoridae), as well as some less diagnostic istiophorid remains, have been recovered from the middle facies of the Trinidad Formation near Rancho Algodones, San Jose del Cabo Basin, Baja California Sur, Mexico.
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