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 (rŏs′trāt′, -trĭt, rô′strāt′, -strĭt)
adj. Biology
Having a rostrum.

[Latin rōstrātus, from rōstrum, beak; see rostrum.]


(Biology) biology having a beak or beaklike process
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Adj.1.rostrate - having a beak or beaklike snout or proboscis
beaked - having or resembling a beak
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Morph 2 forms had the same clavate-lanceolate shape as Morph 1 forms but more rounded, rostrate ends.
Shell rostrate, subtriangular, subequally biconvex almost as long as wide; hinge line very narrow, curved.
Cypselae oblong, ellipsoid, ovoid, obovoid to turbinate, truncate, attenuate to rostrate at the apex, smooth to ribbed; glabrous to pubescent, with typical or modified twin hairs, glandular hairs and leaf-like hairs (e.