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 (rŏs′trāt′, -trĭt, rô′strāt′, -strĭt)
adj. Biology
Having a rostrum.

[Latin rōstrātus, from rōstrum, beak; see rostrum.]


(Biology) biology having a beak or beaklike process
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Adj.1.rostrate - having a beak or beaklike snout or proboscis
beaked - having or resembling a beak
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Qilinyu rostrate was an armored bottom-dwelling fish that lived in the Silurian period, from about 444 million years ago to about 419 million years ago.
Silveira, but the latter species differs in the fleshy and grooved annulus, the shape of pleuroclirysocystidia and cheiloclirysocystidia, which are broadly fusoid and bear a rostrate apex, and the presence of cheiloleptocystidia and pileipellis strongly gelatinized; in addition, it is a more robust mushroom (Cortez & Silveira, 2008).
Solubility and accumulation of metals in Chinese brake fern, vetiver and rostrate sesbania using chelating agents.
Morph 2 forms had the same clavate-lanceolate shape as Morph 1 forms but more rounded, rostrate ends.
Shell rostrate, subtriangular, subequally biconvex almost as long as wide; hinge line very narrow, curved.
Leaf-lobules clavate to cylindric, 520-600 x 250-370 [micro]m, with mouth rostrate with a long beak, contiguous and parallel to the stem.